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Siibeon understands small businesses and their website needs. From a small landing page to large E-Commerce deployments, we have you covered.

Small Business Doesn't Mean A Mediocre Website

As a small business in todays fast paced, connected world, having a strong web presence is probably one of the most important factors to an increased customer base and expansion. From an individual offering local services to a larger office needing a more expansive website, Siibeon has offerings to make your business a success.
We post our prices right here!
Not everyone needs a full featured e-commerce site to offer the best service to their customers and prospective clients, which is why we offer everything from single page informational sites, to multi-page spreads with dynamic information. Bars, restaurants, antique shops, churches, barbers, specialty grocery stores, and even chains can benefit from a well built and informative website. We can design a website for your small business that will attract and inform customers while being easy to maintain and update. The best thing about Siibeon is that we post our prices right here! Give us a call and let's discuss your future success on the World Wide Web: 281-766-8404

Single Page Informative

Perfect for a small local establishment that is looking for a web presence. We can list your business hours, menu, staff, specials, and more! A good website doesn't not have to be expansive or fancy to serve your needs.
Starting at $50.00

Multi Page Website

This is an excellent option for a business that offers multiple products or services. Everything from a staff page, products, about us, and a contact form. Show off your small business with a full spread!
Starting at $600.00

Dynamic or E-Commerce

A business that offers products or services for sale over the internet needs a place where their customers can buy with security and confidence. Designed to be easy to update and simple to use!
Starting at $1000.00